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19.11 10:56 - Kante was once the top player in FIFA23
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The other player is highly rated due to the team he is part of, Lenglet was rated 78 OVR prior to his move to Barcelona in the year 2018. Then, he was surprisingly raised to 82 after he joined Barcelona. Catalan club. Barcelona already boast a highly-rated CB in Pique and FIFA is not a valid reason for inflated Lenglet"s numbers. 85 is far too much for any player to play in an 8-2 defeat , like the Barcelona 2020 Champions League exit at the loss to Bayern Munich last season. Lenglet will be more comfortable in 85 or 82.

Rashford isn"t quite as far than the other players listed, but it"s still a few points higher than he ought to be. The teammate Anthony Martial scored 17 Premier League goals, which is the same score as Rashford who was also awarded an OVR of 84. OVR. Martial and Rashford have been exciting young prospects for a while and are still certain elements missing from their respective games. For Rashford his pace of 91 is not bad, but his 85 dribbling isn"t. It places him in the same league as Kai Havertz & Dimitri Payet and ahead of Ilkay Gundogan. Both players dominate midfields with their dribbling abilities. Rashford is expected to be at 84 OVR with 89 pace as well as 82 Dribbling.

Kante was once the top player on the planet in his position, however as Chelsea have slowed down in the last two seasons, and so have their defensive anchors. The moment that Chelsea took their first Premier League in 2017-18. Kante is at top of his abilities. He is a slasher in midfield, taking on all forward who would dare to come in his path. Since the appointment of his new coach Frank Lampard, Kante has been unable to replicate his great form.

He"s a central midfielder in Lampard"s scheme but that"s not his forte. Kante might be back to his top performance with a change in the team but right the moment the club is still in the west of London. In the last two years Kante has been overtaken with Manchester City"s Fernandinho who only got an OVR rating of 84 this season. The rating of his should be close to 85 OVR.

The only reason that anyone has had any knowledge of Isco is because the team they play for is mentioned with his name in the gossip about transfers section of a shady newspaper. He"s a step behind Toni Kroos, Casemiro, and Luka Modric in the Los Blancos pecking order and the exciting young prospect Martin Odegaard will soon eclipse Isco to take the fourth spot in midfield in the first half of this season. Isco is a great player however his dribbling and shooting scores are too high. Isco is lucky to have a rating greater than the 81 OVR.

Vela is among the best players in MLS as it is a fact. But he"s definitely not as good as the 83 OVR Gareth Bale. Vela is an excellent player, but being a part of MLS can be a huge disadvantage to the amount of skill that a player can demonstrate. Vela is evidently FIFA 23"s attempt to make MLS teams more useful However, he"s completely unreal. Vela boasts an 84 dribbling score, however, he doesn"t have any five-star skills. Vela is an 80 OVR player, who received overrated ratings due to his status as the most talked about MLS player.

All in all, FIFA has done a excellent job in grading the players of this year. There are usually a handful of players each year who people complain about being more highly rated than they are in real life, however, to date, this season, the FIFA team has been satisfied with the player ratings. Could it be because there are other issues that have been occupying the center of attention for example, being aware that FIFA 23 will be the identical game to FIFA 23 that is available on Switch? Possibly. However, this year"s FIFA has far less acrid thumb ranking than the title of last year.

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